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The apartments are located in an excellent location above a thousand meters, only 250m away from the Pohorska cable car and the ski center in Mariborsko Pohorje. With their equipment, appearance and comfort, they reach the highest standards for four stars. To top it all off, there are excellent hiking and cycling trails in the immediate vicinity, which are perfectly connected to take you to an exceptional experience in the beautiful Pohorska forest full of rich oxygen. In the immediate vicinity, there is also an energy path where you can relax, meditate and maybe heal. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible and ask about our exceptional offer, which we have prepared just for you.


Venue of the Women's World Cup Skiing Competition, Zlata Lisica

The biggest ski center in Slovenia, the city ski resort Maribor, is a gathering place for all kinds of snow enthusiasts - those on skis, snowboards or sleds. Try top ski slopes, the longest night skiing in Slovenia and the best Styrian festivals on the ski slopes. 

The Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort has 17 facilities, 42 km of ski trails, 6 km of cross-country trails, 328 - 1327 meters above sea level.




Winter experience of the Pohor Forests with a group - guided tour




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Other winter activities

With a plod or bang along the snow-covered slopes of Mariborski Pohorje and Areh

Have you tried your hand at peeing? It is a ride with a very special type of sled. A pležuh or pok is a simple winter vehicle made of wood, where the seat is attached to a ski or curved board. It originates from the slopes of the hills in the Drava Valley, from Kobansko, where 200 years ago it was one of the most popular means of winter transport. It was also used in the Pohorje area and surrounding areas, mainly for fun in the snow, for transport to the valley and for other errands.


Pamper your soul and body with top-quality services in our WellNest wellness center. Swim in the pool with real natural Pohora water, cleanse your body in the saunas and be reborn under the gentle touches of our highly qualified masseurs.


The path between the treetops lies in the heart of the mighty Pohorje forests, on top of Rogla at an altitude of 1,517 meters above sea level. The route will show you why Pohorce's nature is unique. Together we will get to know the trees of the local forests, from the roots to the tops of the crowns.

Cross-country skiing

24 kilometers of groomed trails on Rogla, which run in the unspoilt nature of the Pohorje Mountains, provide you with excellent physical training and relaxation of the mind. The tracks are of varying difficulty, suitable also for beginners to learn and practice. 

Downhill skiing

Ski touring is a combination of alpine skiing on ungroomed, natural ski slopes and cross-country skiing or hiking. It usually runs on unmarked slopes and on slopes that are not arranged for skiing. Pohorje, which impresses in all seasons, is always a popular destination even among touring skiers. Go "skating" between spruce forests to Črne jezera, Lovrenška jezer or to Jezerska and Črni vrh. The Mariborsko Pohorje is also ideal for touring skiing when there is enough snow. 


Pohorsk Pisker

Popular stews give the characteristic taste of local ingredients, such as root vegetables, porcini mushrooms, jasper porridge, Pohor beef with herbs, etc. Less aromatic medium-bodied wine varieties such as Laški or Rhenish Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are served with Pisk.

Pohorska omelette

According to most sources about the origin of the Pohorje omelette, its creator is said to be Vili Račič, the caretaker of the Železničar mountain lodge in Pohorje. While studying in France, he also learned about making an omelette, which he adapted to local ingredients after the Second World War and called it Pohorje omelette.

Pohorska coffee

The local recipe for Turkish coffee was thus upgraded with the addition of an alcoholic beverage that is no longer on the market today and was named cherry liqueur. The coffee was then decorated with whipped cream and sprinkled with freshly grated chocolate.