Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest ski center in Slovenia with more than 40 km of slopes. There is a children's ski range for the youngest, and 36 km of cross-country trails for all fans of cross-country skiing.


The gondola runs every day every full hour between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. The exception is Monday, when at 8 a.m. they perform a regular weekly maintenance check. In case of extremely bad weather, such as heavy rainfall, wind, thunder, the gondola does not work.

For the needs of the bicycle park, the gondola operates according to the operating hours of the latter:
– Friday 13:00-16:00 non-stop;
– Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9am-4pm.


Settlement Bolfenk – Mariborska koča – TISA / JELKA – MARTIN – SETTLEMENT BOLFENK
It is an easier, family-friendly cycling route that you can take from the village of Bolfenk all the way to Mariborska koča. The path is appropriately marked. For easier orientation, a cycling map of Pohorja is available.

Bike Park Pohorje

The cycle track is approximately four kilometers long. It is suitable for experienced cyclists as well as for those who want to try it for the first time. We recommend descending under the supervision of an instructor.

Wellness (Mountain wellness center Bolfenk):

To relax your body in the embrace of Pohorje nature, there is a modern mountain wellness center in the village of Bolfenk, where you will connect with nature and regain your vital energy with a beautiful view of the Pohorje forests.

It has a swimming pool, a children's pool, a beauty and spa center with a variety of saunas (Turkish, Finnish, herbal), an ice cave, a whirlpool and a cooling pool.


Mariborsko Pohorje is an excellent destination for all hiking enthusiasts. Explore Pohora's attractions and wander among the colorful wine-growing hills. Pohorje is full of rich nature and beautiful views. Feel the hiking experiences and both longer and shorter hiking trails. For easier orientation, a hiking map of Pohorje is available. There are many hiking trails available (across the Pohorje to Carinthia, from Bolfenek to the botanical garden, the path over Kozjak, along the Pohorje path, the path to Črna jezero, the Partizan hiking path, etc.).


The pristine Pohora primeval forest stretches along the Lobnica stream. A short descent along Lobnica leads to the mighty Veliki Šumik waterfall. A little further on is the Mali Šumik waterfall, to which a challenging path leads.
The plant world of Pohorje
Pohorje is mainly covered with coniferous forest, where unique plants are found. Especially on the northern side, where many are protected as a natural landmark.

slap skalce

A network of springs, brooks and rivers winds its way through the Pohora's impermeable bedrock, rushing towards the valley through ditches. The Lobnik stream originates near Tihe jezera (Falski ribnik) and winds through the Pohora primeval forest all the way to the Drava. There are several waterfalls along the way. The largest of them are Veliki Šumik (25m), which is the largest in the Pohorje area, and Mali Šumik (9m), which is only half an hour's walk from Veliki. They are accessible from the direction of Maribor along the Drava river valley from Ruš towards Smolnik or from the direction of Maribor to Pohorje, to Areh, where you can walk from the Šumnik hut into the primeval forest.


The Bistrica stream forms several waterfalls, the largest of which is Bistriška Šum at Zgornja Nova vas, which is not a real waterfall, as the water slides rather than falls. There is also a Roman marble quarry nearby, which is also worth a visit.


Framski potok, on which milling, sawmilling and oil production were developed in the past, originates in two parts and later forms Framski slap or Skalca waterfall, which is 16m high. It is located near the branch of the Hoče-Areh-Bellevue regional road.

crno jezero
črno jezero

In the heart of unspoiled nature at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level, between Osankarica and Veliki vrh, Črno jezero is located. The lake is surrounded by peat moss and spruce forest and is designated as a forest reserve. The lake gives the impression of a black color because the bottom is full of silt, although the water is crystal clear.

zajec planinski

Pohorje forests, plains and waters provide a home for many animal species. The most widespread are roe deer, red deer and chamois, as well as some mountain animals, such as the mountain hare, the ruffed grouse and the great wild rooster. Among vertebrates and insects, we find most of those that are typical only for Pohorje. Among other things, Pohorje is home to many species of birds, small mammals, rodents, game, amphibians, bugs, fish, molluscs and more than 700 species of butterflies.


Pohorje has a special geological significance for the Slovenian area, as it is the only silicate mountain range.
Near the village of Cezlak nad Oplotnico, there is the only deposit of čizlakite in the world, where the remains of a quarry dating back to Roman times are still visible.
Rimski kamnolom, the most famous and oldest white marble quarry, is located in Bistriška vintgarje. White marble was used by the Romans for tombstones, which today are built in the church of St. Martin in Šmarne na Pohorje.


Ribniško Lake, together with the peat bog, lies on the slope east of Ribniški vrh. It is surrounded by a spruce forest. The 84m long Ribniški lake is joined by six smaller lakes or bog windows. These are about a meter deep and continue into the peat. This bog is also called hanging bog, as it lies on a slope with a considerable slope.


The Lovrenško barje lies on the ridge of Planika in the headwaters of the Pohorje streams. The bog consists of a total of 20 larger and smaller lakes. You can visit the bogs from Koča na Pesku, from where you can explore velvety soft grasslands and mossy peat bogs. In winter, you can also explore the bog on cross-country or touring skis.


Rozka's learning trail takes you along the path of mushroom hunting and offers opportunities for good photos. You can also try your hand at hunting and fishing. Horse riding enthusiasts can also explore Pohorje on horseback. For cycling enthusiasts, Pohorje is criss-crossed with 100 km of cycling routes. Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest winter sports center in Slovenia, so it offers pleasure to all lovers of white slopes. In Pohorje, adrenaline enthusiasts can also go sledding in the summer in the Pohorje Adrenaline Park. Relaxation after a busy day is offered in the thermal bath.